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SIR30216 – Certificate III in Retail (Food)

The Retail industry is Australia’s largest employer. It offers excellent career progression opportunities for people with the right skills. To progress a career in the retail industry a staff member must go beyond the core skills of caring for inventory, merchandising products and delivering service excellence. It is essential to learn to manage yourself, wow customers, maintain safety and build sales.

This qualification is ideal for people who have developed basic skills and knowledge as retail sales professionals and are ready for greater challenges and responsibilities.


  • SIRXIND001 Work effectively in a service environment (C)

  • SIRXCOM002 Work in a Team (C)

  • SIRXIND003 Organise personal work requirements

  • SIRXWHS002 Contribute to workplace health and safety (C)

  • SIRXIND002 Organise and maintain the store environment

  • SIRXRSK001 Identify and respond to security risks (C)

  • SIRRINV001 Receive and handle retail stock

  • SIRXCEG001 Engage the customer (C)

  • SIRXCEG002 Assist with customer difficulties (C)

  • SIRXSLS002 Follow point of sale procedures

  • SIRXSLS001 Sell to the retail customer (C)

  • SIRXCEG003 Build customer relationships and loyalty (C)

  • SIRRFSA001 Handle food safely in a retail environment*

Unit Code


Workplace Delivery


School-based Delivery


Tuition Fees

$3495(SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail)
$3495(BSB30120 Certificate III in Business)
$3750(SIR40316 Certificate IV in Retail Management )
$3750(SIR30116 Certificate III in Community Pharmacy)
$3750(SIR40116 Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy)
$3750 (SIR40216 Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy Dispensary)
$150 (Food Safety Supervisor)


Available in approved states

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Entry Requirements

No formal training package entry requirements apply to this qualification. ​

Delivery Model

Not Applicable
nationally recognised training
skills assured training provider
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